The Inspiration Behind CSF's Adopt A Student Program

Adopt a Student was inspired by Pastor Rose Banks who had seven children of her own. She remembers the start of each school year and how trying it can be. The task of getting all of the things that each child needed to start the school year grew more overwhelming and, in her case, there was nobody who could help.

New clothes, new shoes, and yes, a long list of supplies was needed for each child. Many times she wondered where the money would come from. There were also times that she had no choice but to send them to school without everything on the list. As a parent herself, Rose Banks truly understands how it feels to have a child that has to return to school without having all that they need. The Adopt A Student Outreach program was birthed from the personal experiences of our pastor, Rose Banks, and her desire to be God’s hand extended to others in need.